Number 35 – 2014

WIOLETTA ADAMUS-BIAŁEK, MONIKA WAWSZCZAK 16S rRNA sequences used to identification of bacterial DNA isolated from various materials
 KHISLAT K. KHAYDAROV, FLORA D. KABULOVA, BOGUSŁAW WIŁKOMIRSKI  Current state of Zarafshan tugay ecosystems and their protection
 WIOLETTA ADAMUS-BIAŁEK, MONIKA WAWSZCZAK, MAREK JÓŹWIAK  Microbiological air pollution in central part of Swietokrzyskie Mountains
 Małgorzata Anna Jóźwiak  Contribution to the knowledge of antimycotic properties of anthraquinone and usnic acid from Xantoria parietinaTh. Fr. and Evernia prunastri (L.) Ach. thallus
 JOANNA PYTEL  Rating accumulation of selected heavy metals (Pb, Zn, Ni, Cd) in the plant material beech wood communities – Dentario Glandulosae – Fagenionin protected areas of various human impact
 Przemysław Rybiński, Małgorzata Anna Jóźwiak, Grażyna Janowska, Agnieszka Pająk   Use of attapulgite as a filler of polymer composites
 FRANCISZEK WOCH, AGNIESZKA KOWAL, TADEUSZ WRÓBLEWSKI  Evaluation of the implementation of agri-environmental projects supported by European Union funds on chosen counties of Mazowieckie voivodeship
 Ilona Żeber-Dzikowska, Elżbieta Buchcic  Developing and shaping the young person’s personality by employing environmental education
 Monika Żelezik, Marlena Sokołowska  The ecological consciousness of residents of Kielce on the treatment of municipal waste
Małgorzata Strzyż The active protection and monitoring of xerothermic reserves based on the example of the Skowronno reserve in Ponidzie