A few problem climate change on the world

Journal of Świętokrzyskie Mountains Region

Series B – Natural Sciences

2009, No 30, 85-97


 Stanislaw Sala


Key words: greenhouse effect, paleoclimatology


This article presents a few problems caused by the change of the climate in the world which are an inherent part of the earth history. In the Paleozoic era there were two glacial cycles. Thirst cycle occured in the Carelian period while second glacial cycle took place in wend period. Era Glacial cycles were in the next eras such as Mesozoic, Paleozoic. Warm periods separated hot periods. Nowadays greenhouse effect has been considered to be the main reason for changing climate. The main problem of the change of the climate is the role of CO2, NH4, in it. Besides, it is not known in what way the climate has influanced the changes in earth solar activity, speed rotary, cosmic dust, spreading bottom ocean, volcanic eruption, orogenic processes and changes in the earth pole.