Why ecological agriculture?

Journal of Świętokrzyskie Mountains Region

Series B – Natural Sciences

2009, No 30, 155-166


 Monika Żelezik


Key words: ecological farming, eco-products, sustainable developement


In recent years ecological agriculture meets with wider social approval in the world. Also in Poland it is being observed its very dynamic development despite that this system of management is on its initial stage of development. Undoubtedly it is influenced by noticeable crisis of food safety and also care of one’s health. These circumstances more often induce consumers to search for food of guaranteed quality. The system of ecological

agriculture takes into consideration these needs and produces food of higher nourishing and healthcare virtues. The products are not contaminated with rests of agrochemical means in comparison with these of conventional agriculture. Ecological households not only produce high quality food but also take care of quality of the environment they exist in. It requires large expenditure of work good organization and first of all constantly deepened knowledge. That is why ecological agriculture will not play an important role in agricultural production but it can be an interesting trend of development for some households groups.